CEO Jeremy Frommer Interviewed by Kristen Shaughnessy

Kristen Shaughnessy
January 23, 2023
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CEO Jeremy Frommer Interviewed by Kristen Shaughnessy

As a journalist and breaking news reporter in NYC, I have always had an interest in and followed the ever evolving story of Wall Street and the capital markets.

While my interest grew, I discovered that there was an ugly side to Wall Street that was not getting the proper media attention to effectuate change.

It is a story of abusive trading practices where retail investors are at the mercy of hedge funds and algorithmic trading technology. As I continued to dig deeper into the story, I realized that there was a systemic problem in the financial systems that is exponentially growing year in and year out.

With a network of people who are willing to speak out, I was introduced to Jeremy Frommer, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Creatd, an almost “poster child” of the victimization I am referring to, and one of the first CEO's to publicly take a stand.

Creatd (OTCQB:CRTD) was essentially left for dead in September when its stock traded at a nickel; down from a high of $9 a year prior.

The stock has since recovered somewhat, but trades far below its potential. I had the opportunity to spend time interviewing Jeremy.

I wanted to focus on identifying how the problem began, who is responsible and what is the solution. We covered topics including legislation, AMC & GME, technology, market making and much more. It is my hope that it provides significant insight for the retail investor and equally important, provides further awareness at a national level.

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Kristen Shaughnessy

Kristen Shaughnessy is the co-host of the newly launched “The 5 of Us” podcast. Each week she and her four colleagues tackle workplace and women’s issues. She was an NYC anchor/reporter for more than two decades. She is a TEDx Speaker and featured speaker at the NYC Women’s March. She was named among the Top 50 Irish America Power Women and Irish America Top 30 Media.

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