Naked Short Killer Strategies - Roundtable Mon 12:30pm Recap

Roger James Hamilton
January 31, 2023
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Naked Short Killer Strategies - Roundtable Mon 12:30pm Recap

Recap of the CEO Roundtable LIVEstream: 23 Jan at 12:30 PM EST, where we discussed strategies for combating naked short selling. Please share with your CEO, Board & Investors!


Roger Hamilton (CEO $GNS)

John Brda (CEO $TRCH $MMTLP)

Jeremy Frommer (CEO $CRTD)

Mark Faulk (The Naked Truth)

Moderated by Kristina Leigh Copeland - (Wall Street Conspiracy)

My company, Genius Group $GNS, has been under attack from naked short selling since our IPO, with crooked funds and brokers stealing $300 million from our company.

We're fighting back, and so are a growing number of CEOs. If you're a CEO of a company under attack, drop a comment or DM me on Twitter. Or connect with all CEOs at

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Roger James Hamilton

Entrepreneur, Educator, Futurist. CEO of $GNS (NYSE)

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