The Wall Street Conspiracy Movie

Kristina Leigh Copeland
January 23, 2023
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The Wall Street Conspiracy Movie

Watch the full movie here:

The movie that tells the story about how Wall Street ripped off America is here.

The Wall Street Conspiracy In the beginning, over a decade before The Big Short and the Game Stop and AMC naked short selling scandals, there was the groundbreaking documentary The Wall Street Conspiracy.

In 2012, The Wall Street Conspiracy chronicled the stories of a handful of unlikely crusaders who unraveled one of the greatest monetary schemes in history.

Activists, economists, CEO’s, investors, even high powered attorneys sounded the alarm about a then little known stock trading practice called “naked short selling.”

While the process has become increasingly complex and sophisticated over the past 20 years, at its core, naked short selling is essentially the selling of counterfeit shares of stock. Perpetrators often target companies perceived as weak or not yet profitable, flooding the market with fake electronic shares and driving down the stock price.

As a result, companies are often driven into bankruptcy and shareholders lose everything. Even after the global collapse of 2008, lawmakers and regulators deliberately turned a blind eye to the massive fraud being perpetrated on the American people.

Twenty years later, it’s business as usual, and absolutely nothing has changed. While the GameStop and AMC naked short selling scandals of 2021 capture headlines, The Wall Street Conspiracy gives you a front row seat to when, where, and how it all began.

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Kristina Leigh Copeland

Documentary filmmaker, writer, and director. Producer of the Wall Street Conspiracy Movie (2012). Mother and truth discoverer.

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